(1) The drop box (trezor, book drop) is used to return books borrowed from the Library by those wishing to bypass the lending library, such as on days and hours when the Library is closed, or to save time, especially when the reader does not need to pick up a new order. People with disabilities are also encouraged to use the drop box. It is the Library's intention that the drop box should facilitate the return of books and thus speed up the circulation of books between borrowers.  

(2) The user using the drop box shall gently insert the book into the marked opening.

(3) The library shall take responsibility for the reinsertion of the book into the lending collection.

(4) The drop box basically handles collections from the lending library, including the so-called night and holiday loans from the reading room.

(5) The drop box does not handle collections borrowed from the reading room for 2 hours (they must be returned in the reading room to the employee on duty).

(6) Library materials returned through the drop box on the closing day of the Library, will be removed from the reader's account on the next working day. The reader is obliged to check his account balance after using the drop box. Return of library materials through the drop box with a delay (exceeded return date) does not exempt the reader from paying the special fee.

(7) The library shall ask the reader for an explanation when a book returned through the drop box bears previously unrecorded damage or dirt.  

The drop box is located on the University campus at the entrance to Sector F.

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