The University Library: for studying, leisure and your own research

We warmly welcome all users of the Library in the new academic year and invite you to use the collections of your Library. We especially welcome first-year students! We wish you good luck.

Our library is located on the level one (one level above the ground, that is), in F sector. It is open Monday to Thursday from 8 till 19, and Friday from 8 till 16 and Saturday and Sunday 9 till 17. At the beginning acquire some orientation  in the Library and decide what service you will need first. 

Our recommended sequence is the following:

Step  1. Open your library account

Come to the Library with your student ID to activate your account. You will receive an activation link on your email address and by following it you will be able to create password. During the first login using your e-mail and newly created password, do not forget to confirm your knowledge of the Library Regulations and GDPR. From now on you can log in to the online catalog, which will allow you to search and order our library materials on the Internet from any computer. 

Step 2.  What to borrow and what to consult in the Reading Room
The library collections are held in three locations (Reading Room, Circulation, Store). Items from those locations  have various levels of availability. The  Reading  Rooms items are to be studied on the premises of the Library.  If the item is not in heavy use of the other readers, you can have it checked out for two hours, or for the night, or for a holiday  (when the Library is closed). Items retrieved from  the catalogue  and marked as magazyn (store) you can order for borrowing for the period of one month. Open stacks items marked with a green level, however, are also borrowable, but you do not order them, you just pick them up and show them at the circulation desk.

Step 3. Walk  around the Reading Room
In the Reading Room  you can enjoy open stacks with materials arranged by  narrow subjects, grouped into broad classes. You can browse stacks  to evaluate if they are what you need, but please observe the rule of leaving them for us for reshelving! You will find trolleys on which the books are supposed to be left.  It is useful (and fun) to  browse printed newspapers , journals and magazines. Also, you have the Internet access at the Reading Room, both on  desktop computers and on your laptops. Computers  bring to you the contents of specialized online databases that the school subscribes to. On the premises you can use  for free our scanner,  printer, copier. 

Step  4. Borrowing routine
To borrow a Circulation or Store item, you have to complete the ordering routine online. The system guides you with prompts, and a more detailed manual in Polish is published under  To pick up your books please  come in person  to the Circulation Desk. Please check the condition  the books is in before accepting it.

Step  5. Book read?
Return  the borrowed materials – the sooner the better.  It is enough to pass the item to the librarian or use a book drop next to the F entrance to the University building. Please  keep the  due date in mind, or double check My account. If you think you might use it for a longer time, you can  extend the loan duration. This is an additional service which  can be granted to  you if you just contact  us, and we see that the book is not reserved by another user. Please use e-mail  or come to the Library.  If the book is already  overdue, you cannot renew it. There is a late return fee of PLN 1.00  per book per day. Before the book is due, please spare a thought on the usage you have made of it.  Are you really done with your studying?  Have you saved the bibliographic data and made appropriate notes or copies? 

Step 6 (or perhaps the first one?).
Keep in touch. We have a notice board and publish announcements and statements on the Web. Posts in languages other than Polish are also welcome on our Facebook ( and Instagram profile ( 

We encourage you to watch the instructional video.

First steps in the Library.

University Library policies for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Opening hours

Lazarski University Library,
02-662 Warszawa ul. Świeradowska 43, sector F, I floor (borrowings and database access) (other) (inter-library loans)  (Support on Microsoft Teams)

+48 22 54 35 392 (Director)
+48 22 54 35 390 (Borrowings Room and Reading Room)
+48 22 54 35 391 (Workroom and Storage)

+ 48 501 232 671 (Workroom and Storage, and Online Days)