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Back to parent pageAdministrative Law Research Club

The Club deals with the administrative, material, procedural and public economic law.

Scope of activity:

  • functioning, structure and organization of public administration,
  • government and local government administration in Poland,
  • administrative proceedings,
  • administrative judiciary,
  • freedom of economic activity and its limitations,
  • business law,
  • access to public information,
  • sectoral regulation law,
  • energy law.

Academic supervisor:

  • dr Angelika Kurzawa
  • dr Łukasz Nosarzewski

Science club coordinator:

  • dr hab. Przemysław Szustakiewicz, prof. UŁa

Club Board:

  • Chairperman: Mateusz Jakubowski
  • Deputy Chairman: Anna Maszkiewicz


  • twice a month