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Mission and standards

Lazarski University Press exists since 1993 – it started its activity with the establishment of the University. It is an academic publishing house the aim of which is to promote research results, develop a knowledge-based society, support the academic community that is open to new horizons and cognitive challenges. It supports the University academic community through e.g. taking care of high academic and editorial quality of the issued publications, mainly monographs.

Lazarski University Press is the publisher of the quarterly magazines – „Myśl Ekonomiczna i Polityczna” since 2010, „Ius Novum” since 2007 and semi-annual „Veritas Iuris” since 2018. Beginning in 2022 it publishes the quarterly journal „Review of Medical Practice”. Publication of the first two journals was preceded by issuing „Zeszyty Naukowe”, series „Prawo” and „Ekonomia”, in the years 1999–2004, as well as „Myśl Ekonomiczna i Prawna” quarterly in the years 2002–2009.

Lazarski University Press implements uniform standards of qualification of academic monographs for publication and pays special attention to the transparency of the publishing and reviewing procedures; observes the copyright, especially the authorship right and the right to decide on the way of indicating authorship, takes care of authors’ reliability and good reputation; ensures a decent and professional publishing process, including the editing process of academic monographs, which is described in detail in „Regulamin działalności wydawniczej Uczelni Łazarskiego” (“Regulations of publishing activity in Lazarski University”).

All monographs published by Lazarski University Press are peer-reviewed. Each monograph is evaluated by two independent reviewers. The reviewer submits a written statement on no conflict of interest between them and the author.
Principles of ethics
Lazarski University Press pursues an independent and impartial publishing policy and takes care of keeping ethical, intellectual and editorial standards. It developed and implements its own „Kodeks etyki publikacyjnej” (“Code of publishing ethics”). It also emphasises the necessity of observing the principles of ethics by authors, academic editors, reviewers and other people involved in the publishing process.
All submitted publication proposals have to meet high factual, formal and ethical standards in order to prevent undesirable publishing practices and to take care of issuing reliable high-quality academic works.
By signing the publishing agreement, the author (co-authors or an academic editor of a multi-author publication who was authorised in writing by the authors) thereby assigns the copyright to the publisher, i.e. Lazarski University, or allows the publisher to issue their work under the licensing agreement.
Each of the co-authors of a collective monograph signs a statement on their contribution to the work submitted.
In order to prevent copyright infringement and violation of good academic practices, Lazarski University Press uses such measures as anti-plagiarism program. The discovered cases of breaking principles of ethics and good practices in the academic environment will be disclosed. Legal measures will be taken and such cases will be reported to authors’ employees, academic societies, etc.
Planning and initiating the publishing process
The publishing activity is implemented on the basis of a publishing plan that is developed for a given calendar year. It includes all works that the University intends to publish in a given year.
The publishing plan is evaluated and accepted by the Univeristy Publishing Board, which takes into account monograph’s subject matter, originality and contribution to the development of a given academic discipline in Poland and abroad.
Publishing Board
The Publishing Board is Rector’s advisory body on publishing issues. Its members, specific tasks and functioning are described in „Regulamin Rady Wydawniczej Uczelni Łazarskiego” (“Regulations of the Lazarski University Publishing Board”).