Welcome to the website of the International Programmes Department!

On the following pages, you will find basic information on the scope of the Department's operations, its offer (including the list of partner universities), and detailed rules on participating in the programmes operated by the Department.

The section devoted to "contact" with the Department will let you reach directly the relevant person to get any and all information you might need and efficiently deal with all of your issues connected with international mobility within the scope of the Department's offer.

International Cooperation is one of the key growth directions of Lazarski University, helping it to increase its degree of internationalisation and support an image of an institution open to international challenges and flexibly adapting its curricula to the dynamically changing groups of beneficiaries and conditions on the labour market. It constitutes a fundamental element of creating a modern offer of education and improving the competences of faculty members and, as such, it has impact on boosting the quality of teaching processes and strengthening the University's position on the education market.

International cooperation is pursued on the basis of: inter-institutional agreements within the scope of Erasmus+, bilateral agreements with foreign universities and foreign institutions, as well as by way of the individual contacts maintained by faculty members.

Lazarski University takes part in international exchange programmes for students, faculty members and administrative staff. It has signed over 80 agreements with universities and business and law schools within the scope of Erasmus+; moreover, every year the University updates agreements concluded with institutions in EU countries that host traineeships for its graduates. Every year, our students have the opportunity to pursue a part of their studies abroad or to go on student internships, while foreign students come to study at our University. The main partners of Lazarski University are universities and institutions located in European Union countries and in Georgia and Russia.

What is more, every year the University offers educational services to numerous foreigners in the form of regular studies, especially within the scope of its study programmes conducted in English. The University also offers four first-cycle and second-cycle programmes in English, validated by Coventry University.

The Department manages the following programmes:

  • Erasmus+ Studies (one or two semesters abroad),
  • Erasmus+ Traineeships (student internship abroad),
  • Erasmus+ Graduate Traineeships (traineeships abroad for recent graduates)

as well as bilateral agreements at various levels, concluded between Lazarski University and other higher education institutions around the globe.

Between 2003 and 2014, Lazarski University took an active part in the Erasmus programme, providing the students with an opportunity to pursue a part of their studies and attend traineeships abroad. Since 2004, it had been involved in the Leonardo da Vinci programme, dedicated to graduates searching for traineeships with foreign companies and institutions. In 2014, the University received the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education that authorised it to participate in measures undertaken within the scope of the new programme perspective called Erasmus+, a programme combining the previous programmes, including but not limited to Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci. It allows the University to pursue and participate in such programme activities as individual mobility, strategic partnerships, and central projects. As a result, there is a growing number of University students and graduates who go abroad for studies and traineeships with partner universities and institutions located in European Union member states and acquire international knowledge and skills for the purposes of personal growth as well as educational and professional improvement.

The Erasmus+ Studies programme gives you the opportunity to pursue a part of your studies at one of our partner universities located in European Union countries, Turkey, FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), and Georgia and Russia.

Erasmus+ Internships is an opportunity to take part in a student internship with a foreign enterprise, a scientific and research facility, a non-profit organisation, and other institutions (state administration units, museums, libraries, hospitals, etc.). The internships take place in EU member states, Turkey, and FYROM.

Established in 2014, Erasmus+ Graduate Traineeship has replaced the Leonardo da Vinci programme with respect to providing graduates with opportunity to pursue traineeships with foreign enterprises, institutions and organisations. The purpose of the traineeship is to acquire professional experience abroad, gain new skills and qualifications, and improve your command of foreign languages. The traineeships take place in EU member states, Turkey, and FYROM.