Our students are prepared by our highly qualified staff to apply the acquired skills in practice in their everyday lives, at work, and during their studies, e.g. when studying abroad within the scope of the Erasmus programme. 

The classes are conducted on all proficiency levels and take business, legal and diplomacy terminology into special consideration. They are taught in multimedia language labs using the latest teaching methods.


The Foreign Language Centre has an extensive offer of courses:

  • Courses for Lazarski University students
  • Courses for external students
  • Polish courses for foreigners
  • Preparatory courses for studies in Polish
  • Preparatory courses for studies in English
  • Preparatory courses for TOLES, TOEIC, TFI, and TELC exams
  • Preparatory courses for State Certification Exams in Polish as a foreign language. 

Examination centres

The Foreign Language Centre maintains four language certification centres:

Exams are held at fixed dates in the autumn and spring session but may also be organised upon request. As a language centre, FLC enjoys the opinion of a reliable and efficient organiser. Preparatory courses for the aforementioned exams held by the Centre are also highly recognised. A high pass rate and friendly atmosphere are the Centre's motto.