I. 20 years of experience in teaching foreign languages, including 10 years of experience in teaching Polish: tradition combined with modernity.

  • effective and modern teaching methods;
  • original teaching programmes, consulted with students and employers;
  • original course syllabuses;
  • original teaching materials;
  • an extensive base of standardised internal tests;
  • audiovisual materials for individual learning;
  • cost-free language proficiency assessment;
  • a high level of foreign language teaching, confirmed by international certificates obtained by our students;
  • multimedia language labs.

II. Regular language courses:

  • a high number of teaching hours;
  • small student groups;
  • international groups;
  • regular monitoring of the students' progress and satisfaction;
  • an individual approach to students: consults, e-consults, Skype contact;
  • an e-learning platform featuring online courses and blended learning courses.

III. Additional language courses:

  • an attractive offer of afternoon courses in 12 different languages;
  • Summer School of Polish and English;
  • Language Academy for Children;
  • Holiday with English for Neighbourhood Children and German for Junior High School Students

IV. Integration efforts and intercultural dialogue:

  • organising National Days (5-6 events a year);
  • organising the Multilingualism Event;
  • cultural workshops (dancing, singing, cuisine, museum classes);
  • film evenings and discussions;
  • learning Polish traditions (holiday customs, folk art) and the traditions of other nations;
  • trips and excursions.
  •  Holiday Language Academy for Children project

V. Qualified and tested teaching staff

VI. Trainings for teaching staff:

  • trainings in didactics and testing;
  • methodology workshops and seminars conducted by recognised international experts;
  • trainings in soft skills.

VII. TELC, TOLES, TOEIC, and TFI Examination Centre.

VIII. Cooperating with embassies, cultural institutions, and international associations.