The mission of the Lazarski University Foreign Language Centre is to provide reliable, effective language teaching in line with the highest educational standards for students at levels determined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and pursuant to the needs of the students, the University, and the labour market. The Centre prepares its students for mobility and effective functioning on the international academic and professional plane.


The strategic goal of the Centre is to improve educational services as well as teaching and learning methods so that they correspond with the mission of the Centre, the academic, professional, and personal needs of the students, and the requirements of the labour market.

The Centre pursues that goal through:

  • supporting the process of improving competence on the part of teaching and administrative staff
  • improving its teaching infrastructure
  • reviewing and updating teaching programmes based on teaching effects
  • drafting, reviewing and updating procedures and principles with respect to teaching and learning
  • establishing cooperation with other academic centres, employers, and University graduates.

The purpose of the Centre is also to promote multilingualism and multiculturalism as well as to internationalise the University through language and cultural projects and an ongoing cooperation with Cultural Institutes and Embassies.

The Centre takes efforts to achieve the status of a recognised centre for language teaching and for language proficiency certification.