The Foreign Language Centre's Education Quality Team was established on 7 November 2013 under the Rector's Regulation of 8 June 2012. The Team comprises the Director of the Foreign Language Centre, Deputy Directors responsible for respective languages, the Head of the Polish Language and Culture Centre, a representative of teachers, two representatives of students, and a Foreign Language Centre Office employee. The team meets for sessions at least twice per semester and works the whole year round.

The main operating goal of the Education Quality Team is to help ensure a high quality of education at the University and to foster the culture of quality in all the fields of the Centre's operation. Among other things, the Team focuses on:

  1. monitoring and periodically reviewing the framework language teaching programmes and teaching results
  2. ensuring a high quality of the teaching process and improving it
  3. raising the qualifications of the teaching staff
  4. motivating the tutors
  5. reviewing teaching results and language proficiency
  6. motivating students
  7. reviewing and supplementing the equipment of language labs, ensuring Internet access, supplementing library resources and teaching tools
  8. updating and increasing the attractiveness of the teaching offer
  9. updating procedures and documentation connected with the teaching process
  10. promoting the Centre's activity and language and cultural projects within the academic community and outside the University
  11. improving the Centre's image
  12. maintaining positive relationships with the local community through social and educational projects.

In addition, the Centre's Education Quality Team acts as an intermediary between tutors  
and students. It makes sure that the students are satisfied with the high quality of teaching  ,
while the tutors are pleased with the results of their work.

The Education Quality Assessment Team was established in May 2015. 

It comprises the chairperson, three representatives of the tutors, and a representative of the Centre's administration.

The tasks of the Education Quality Assessment Team include:

  1. assessing the pro-quality measures taken by the Centre,
  2. providing opinion on the Centre's internal procedures,
  3. monitoring the correctness of student reviews,
  4. assessing the services offered by the office to students,
  5. drafting an annual assessment of achieving teaching results. 

If you have any remarks regarding the quality of language teaching or the operation of the Foreign Language Centre, contact us at: