Under a decision issued by the Minister of Science and Higher Education dated 16 March 2016, Lazarski University Faculty of Medicine was licensed to hold a long-cycle undergraduate medical programme with a practical profile.

On 16 March 2016, the Minister of Science and Higher Education granted the University a license to hold the programme, which means that Lazarski University had met rigorous requirements pertaining both to the teaching programme and to appropriate didactic and clinical resources. Lazarski University’s application for holding a medical programme received a positive opinion of the Polish Accreditation Committee already on 2 July 2015. 

We'd also like to announce a successful completion of preparations for launching the first recruitment process to the Faculty of Medicine medical programme which will begin on 5 May this year.

We are ready to admit the first students to the first year of medical studies and ensure them a high level of both pre-clinical and clinical education, consistent with all the requirements of the Minister of Health and the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

We have applied to the Minister of Health for allocating a 60-place limit at the Faculty of Medicine in the academic year 2017/2018.

The course will be conducted in Polish.