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European Union in the Future: Stronger and More Democratic?

Date: 21 November 2014
European Commission Representation in Poland,
Academic Centre of Lazarski University and the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Conference programme

Opening address:

  • Ewa Synowiec, PhD, Head of the European Commission Representation in Poland,
  • Professor Eugeniusz Cezary Król, PhD habil., Director of the PAN Institute for Political Studies,
  • Juliusz Madej, President of Lazarski University

Panel I: Growth and employment in the European Union

moderator: Paweł Olszewski, PhD, Head of the Academic Centre of Lazarski University and the PAN Institute of Political Studies

  • Professor Wojciech Bieńkowski, PhD habil., Dean, Faculty of Economics and Management, Lazarski University
  • Professor Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk, PhD habil., Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw
  • Professor Tomasz Grosse, Institute of European Studies, University of Warsaw
  • Sweta Rankin Rajan, PhD, Lecturer in Social Policy and Sociology Department of Clinical Sciences, Brunel University,
  • Justyna Schulz, PhD, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Bremen.

Panel II: European Union's future in a global world

moderator: Professor Ryszard Żelichowski, PhD habil., PAN Institute of Political Studies

  • Professor Józef M. Fiszer, PhD habil., Head, Chair of European Studies, Institute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences,
  • Professor Stanisław Koziej, PhD habil., Secretary of State, Head of the National Security Bureau,
  • Professor Konstanty A. Wojtaszczyk, PhD habil., Director, Institute of European Studies, University of Warsaw
  • Professor Janusz Węc, PhD habil., Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations, Jagiellonian University, Team Europe (tbc),
  • Jens Boysen, PhD, Deutsches Historisches Institut.

How can Ukrainians living in Poland and Poles contribute to the further development of civil society in post-Maidan Ukraine?

Date: 18 November 2014
Organisers: ...
moderator: Professor Wojciech Bieńkowski.


Yulia Gogol, Maidan activist, Barney A. Karbank Award laureate; Krzysztof Stanowski, president of the Solidarity Fund PL; Kateryna Kuchmina, student at Lazarski University; Svetlana Iarmak, student at Lazarski University

This aim of the roundtable is to encourage Ukrainian and Polish students alike to actively participate in the democratic developments in Ukraine. We will be brainstorming so as to exchange ideas between experts, activists, and students.

This event will be a unique opportunity for students to put in practice the theoretical knowledge they have acquired within the framework of their studies. If you studies politics and international relations, it is not only to learn how they work; it might also be how to get involved in it. Therefore, the official discussion will be followed by an informal part, during which possibilities of implementing specific actions will be explored.