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Applications for material benefits for the new academic year 2022/2023 can be submitted from 1st to 20th October 2022.

After delivering the application with the required documents in paper form to the University, you should register the application on your account at the Virtual University.

Before submitting documents, it is necessary to read the Regulations of Benefits and the documents attached to it, which are available on this page in DOWNLOADS section.

Website of the Ministry of Education and Science contains up-to-date information on the functioning of the system of benefits for students and doctoral students and the amount of monthly income per person in a family entitling to apply for a social scholarship in the academic year 2022/2023.

Information is available at the link:


Certificate from the Social Welfare Center

A student whose monthly income per person in the family does not exceed the income criteria entitling him to apply for social assistance benefits (PLN 528 net, and from January 1, 2022 - PLN 600 net), attaches to the application for a social scholarship a certificate of a social welfare center with a personal and family income and financial situation. Failure to enclose such a certificate results in the refusal to grant a social scholarship.

The social welfare center issues this certificate at the student's request on the basis of up-to-date or recent information about the beneficiaries of social assistance (family community interview is carried out only in the cases specified in the Act on social assistance). The application for a certificate may be submitted by the student electronically via the ePUAP platform.

In the event that this authority does not have access to information on the income and financial situation of the student and his family, e.g. due to the family's failure to apply for social assistance benefits, it cannot issue the student with a certificate of the content specified in Art. 88 sec. 4 of the Act - Law on Higher Education. In the event that the social welfare center refuses the student to issue a certificate or issues a certificate containing information that the family has not applied for or does not benefit from social assistance, Art. 88 sec. 5 above of the Act, according to which a student may be awarded a social scholarship, if he proves that the reasons for not attaching a certificate of the student's and his family's income and financial standing to the application for a social scholarship were justified and will document the sources of income for the family in the absence or very low income proved in the application for a social scholarship.

A student who does not run a joint household with any of the parents, legal or actual guardians and confirms this fact in the declaration, may apply for a social grant without showing the income earned by these persons, provided that at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • is 26 years of age;
  • is married;
  • has underage children, children under the age of 26, and if the 26th year falls in the last year of studies, until the end of their studies, and disabled children, regardless of age;
  • he has reached the age of majority while in foster care;
  • has a stable source of income and its average monthly income in the previous tax year and in the current year in the months preceding the month of submitting the declaration on not running a joint household with any of the parents, legal or actual guardians, is higher than or equal to PLN 930.35.

Rules for applying for benefits

Benefits are granted for first-cycle studies, second-cycle studies and long-cycle studies, but not longer than for a period of 6 years. In the opinion of the Ministry, this means the total period (not exceeding 6 calendar years, i.e. 72 months) in which a person is entitled to apply for benefits under the studies - regardless of their type and duration, as well as the universities where they are held . Thus, for the course of this period, it does not matter whether the student applies for benefits and whether they receive them. The 6-year period of entitlement to benefits begins at the moment of starting studies and acquiring the student's rights for the first time (in the first field of study), which occurs when the oath is taken. This deadline also runs when the person is on leave from classes, but remains at university. In the event of termination of studies (removal from the list of students) and their resumption, the counting of the indicated period should be continued, and not restarted. Similarly, in the case of completing first-cycle studies and undertaking second-cycle studies or uniform master's studies, only the periods of study at these studies are summed up, while the break between these studies is excluded.

The 6-year period of entitlement to benefits also includes the study periods before the entry into force of the Act - Law on Higher Education and Science (i.e. before October 1, 2018).


Persons who have submitted applications for a scholarship or aid (regardless of how the applications were delivered to the University) are required to register the application on their account at the Virtual Universitywhich will be made available from October 1st this year.

Failure to register will result in the application not being considered.



Documents can be submitted in person, by proxy, by traditional mail, courier, or left in the inbox at room 268.

Applications should be submitted on the forms attached to the Regulations. Only complete applications will be accepted.

Condition necessary in the course of applying for a scholarship / aid is that the student / doctoral student registers the application on his / her account in virtual university

A necessary condition for the application for a scholarship / aid is the registration of the application by the student / doctoral student on his / her account at virtual university