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Erasmus+ Programme for outgoing students/graduates

The Erasmus+ program is a well-known EU program aimed at universities. Lazarski University students and our recent graduates can take advantage of:

  • traineeship mobility lasting at least 2 months.
    Every year, students / graduates participate in internships at companies throughout Europe. In attempt at finding a place for yourself, it is worth using search engines such as:
  • study mobility at a partner university for a semester or two.
    Students choose the university that suits them from among partner universities. An interinstitutional bilateral agreement may also be signed by the Lazarski University with new partners.
  • short-term mobility (5-30 days) combined with virtual mobility;
  • an online language course before and during the trip.

Erasmus + mobilities contribute to getting to know a new cultural circle, increasing the language competences of students / graduates, making new friends, as well as improving the ability to solve current problems.

The basic principles of the functioning of the Erasmus + program at the Lazarski University, including the criteria for selecting Program participants and awarding them funding in a fair, transparent, consistent and documented manner, are set out in the "Regulations for learing mobility of students and graduates of the Lazarski University under the Erasmus + program" as well as the "Rules for participation in the Erasmus+ Programme mobility for studies / traineeship" prepared for a given academic year.
The recruitment for mobility for studies for the spring semester 2022/23 will finish on October 30, 2022. The link to the application form can be found here:

Erasmus Student Charter

The Erasmus Student Charter reflects the values and priorities of the Erasmus+ Program. Its aim is to adequately inform participants about their rights and obligations and to ensure the successful implementation of their mobility plans.