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Erasmus+ mobility opportunities offered to academic and administrative staff allow you to test and improve your skills. It is possible to establish new contacts of a scientific and didactic nature and to initiate fruitful cooperation between units and faculties of the university and our partner institutions.

To meet your needs and concerns, we have prepared:

  • Information leaflet on Erasmus+ mobility, where you will find answers to the frequently asked questions (e.g. how to find a host organization, whether an employee under a civil law contract can apply, whether it is possible to go on a language course, etc.);
  • Learning mobility regulations for teaching and administrative staff of Lazarski University under the Erasmus+ program, where you will see, for example, who is on the recruitment committee and what documents must be completed before and after the mobility;
  • Rules for participation in the Erasmus+ program for teaching and administrative staff where you can check, e.g. amount of individual co-financing and travel lump sum;
  • Recruitment form (active until 15.02.2023), in which you will declare your willingness to participate in Erasmus+ mobility and answer questions about the planned purpose and program of the mobility, having the consent of your immediate supervisor for the mobility, etc.:

Bear in mind that you can look for mobility opportunities by contacting one of our partner universities or from among the training weeks offered by various organizations and choose a mobility at a convenient time and place. During the mobility one can develop, for example: presentation, language, technical, didactic and methodical skills and gain knowledge in the field of stress management, student support, quality management, etc. You can search for opportunities here: