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Lazarski University invites business entities to collaboration in terms of educational programmes combining theory and practice, i.e. a dual education system. A properly outlined concept of first-cycle or second-cycle undergraduate studies curricula at Lazarski University enables our students to acquire in-depth theoretical knowledge in the given specialty as well as use it in practice.

Together with our business partners, we define deficits in skills and abilities on the market; next, we devise a study curriculum that will enable the students to acquire them. Throughout the first semesters, students attend classes at the University, allowing them to obtain in-depth theoretical knowledge and familiarise themselves with key elements of the partner company and its field of operation. The next stage combines university education with working for our business partner.

Depending on the model selected by the partner, it may involve combining working and studying during the week or longer periods allocated alternately to studying and working.

Benefits to enterprises:

  • devising a programme curriculum tailor-made to the company’s needs;
  • opportunity to recruit the best students and have a competitive advantage in the battle for talents;
  • preparing experts to solve specific problems encountered by the company;
  • reducing the costs and risks of hiring an inappropriate employee;
  • stand-ins already familiar with the company’s scope of operations.


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