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Thanks to this accreditation, all English-language study programmes meet the British standards for education quality. In pursuing the selected programme of studies, our students are awarded two diplomas: a Polish one of the Lazarski University and a British one of Coventry University.

At the level of first-cycle undergraduate studies, our cooperation comprises the following majors: BA in International Relations and European Studies and MA in International Relations. Meanwhile, at the second-cycle undergraduate studies level, it covers BA in Business Economics and MSc in International Business Economics.

Coventry University is an excellent British university with a tradition going back almost 200 years. It is invariably listed at the top of British university rankings. "The Times" placed it among top five universities founded in Great Britain after 1992. The prestigious "Times Higher Education" awarded it a title of Entrepreneurial University of the Year, while "The Guardian" classified it among 15 best British universities in its Guardian University Guide 2016 ranking.

Our cooperation covers the following study programmes: International Legal Skills and LL.M. Transnational Commercial Practice.

After completing our programme, the students become professionals effectively using legal regulations on an international level in various jurisdictions. They are also awarded a prestigious CILS certificate, confirming their abilities.

CILS is an Austrian non-profit research institute. Its essential purpose is to promote legal knowledge among members of the international legal community. Founded in 1976, it has ever since been disseminating knowledge through trainings, legal publications and cooperation with other centres around the world.

Our cooperation covers the  LL.M. Transnational Commercial Practice programme.

Its participants are awarded the LL.M. title by Lazarski University. Additionally, they have the opportunity to obtain a dual LL.M. title of the Boston University.

Founded in 1872, the Boston University School of Law is ranked among top 20 out of over 200 law faculties accredited by the American Bar Association.

Our cooperation covers the LL.M. Transnational Commercial Practice programme.

The programme’s participants attend classes both at Lazarski University in Warsaw and in Budapest. 

Established in 1635, the Eötvös Loránd University is a prestigious academy with a tradition going back several centuries. It boasts one of the best law faculties in Hungary.

Our cooperation covers the Russian Law School programme.

Students attend lectures held by acknowledged experts in Russian law.

Programme graduates are awarded diplomas of the St. Petersburg Institute of Law and Lazarski University.

The Institute of State and Law forms a part of the Russian Academy of Sciences and is the largest academic legal centre in Russia.

Our cooperation covers all English-language programmes.

Diplomas awarded to graduates are recognised also in the USA.
(a certificate of cooperation terms is available for download below).

The Delaware Department of Education, USA (DDOE) supervises educational standards in the State of Delaware through visionary leadership and high-class services.