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The Statutes of our Foundation stipulate its role as initiating, supporting and pursuing operations in the field of:

  • assisting people experiencing financial difficulties in gaining access to higher education, in particular by way of awarding scholarships enabling them to obtain university education,
  • science, education, culture, upbringing and disease prevention,
  • popularising and protecting human rights and freedoms as well as civic liberties,
  • supporting actions taken by Lazarski University.

These goals are pursued in the following manner:

  • through awarding scholarships
  • through organising numerous community-oriented events.

Ever since its creation, Lazarski University Foundation has been helping talented young people to obtain higher education. Every year, we award scholarships thanks to the donations we receive. This way, we can reward young people who pursue their passions and have a great hunger for knowledge. Unfortunately, financial difficulties often prevent them from getting quality education.

It is important for us, however, that they develop and acquire in-depth knowledge, extensive skills and competence.

We are conducting public benefit operations for the local community, i.e. our neighbours from the Mokotów and Ursynów districts as well as for the inhabitants of the city of Warsaw and the whole Mazowieckie voivodeship. We want the intellectual resources of the Lazarski University to be available to anyone who might need it.

You can determine the purpose to which a part of your income tax will be allocated. If you don't, the whole amount of your income tax will go to the State Treasury. The part that you can allocate yourself is 1%. In your tax return, you have the right to donate 1% of your income tax to a public benefit organisation of your choosing.

The easiest way to do so is to use a free-of-charge online programme to fill in your income tax return.
It will help you save time by assisting you in filling out the form step by step.

User manual for the PIT OPP On-Line programme:

Launch the programme and select a new return to begin work or open a previously saved return.

In the following steps, select the appropriate PIT form and fill it out.

Later on, you can either print the form or send it to the Revenue Office through the e-declarations tab. If you decide on the latter, you must download an official confirmation of receipt and save it on your computer or print it as proof that the Revenue Office received your tax return.

What to do when you decide to allocate 1% of your income tax to the Lazarski University Foundation?

STEP 1 - Fill out the relevant field in your annual PIT-28, PIT-36, PIT-36L, PIT-37 or PIT-38 tax return form.

STEP 2 - Enter the Foundation's data in the relevant field in your tax return form. The amount allocated cannot exceed 1% of the output tax amount arising from your tax statement, rounded down to the nearest full 10 grosz.

STEP 3 - In the Informacje uzupełniające [Supplementary Information] field, select a special purpose you wish us to allocate your money to:

  • academic scholarships for students,
  • developing the free-of-charge law clinic,
  • research and publication grants.

At this point, you can also provide your contact data if you wish to receive reports on our operations, including financial reports.

The Revenue Office will transfer to the Foundation's bank account the total amount of funds allocated to it by the taxpayers.

Additional information:

  • 1% of the income tax can be donated only in tax returns submitted in a timely fashion,
  • in case of any discrepancies between the KRS number and the name of the organisation indicated in the tax return, the taxpayer will be summoned to provide a clarification,
  • it is not possible to divide your 1% between two or more organisations.

Who can allocate 1% of the income tax to a public benefit organisation?

  • a taxpayer settling personal income tax,
  • a taxpayer settling a lump tax amount on registered income,
  • a taxpayer subject to a flat 19% tax rate,
  • a taxpayer generating income on the sale of securities and financial derivatives.

People whose taxes are settled by their employers cannot allocate 1% of their tax to a public benefit organisation. They can do it only if they decide to fill out their PIT tax return forms themselves.