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Find a flat quickly online! Real estate portals greatly simplify the contact between landlords and candidates for tenants.

There are lots of offers for flats, rooms for rent and sublets to be found online. Factors to take into consideration include whether the given notice is still valid, i.e. when it was posted. During the high season, a notice might already be invalid one day after posting. Special caution must be exercised in the case of offers without photos. In such a case, it is best to ask about any details in advance.

A great majority of portals are free; however, sometimes they feature offers posted by real estate agencies (that charge a commission).

Check out our recommended list of the largest free-of-charge real estate portals:

Useful information:


  • Always inquire whether the offer was posted by the flat owner or an agency.
  • If the offeror is a real estate agency, ask about the commission (if it is higher than 50% of the monthly rent, it might be worth taking a look at the real estate agencies we recommend).
  • Write down and check the flat's location (best use google maps or
  • Make an appointment (if you're unable to make the agreed meeting, call your contact and tell them about it).
  • If you find the rental contract confusing, don't sign it. At the Accommodation Division, we will give you a contract reviewed by lawyers.
  • Remember: in order to finalise flat rental, you are frequently required to make a cash downpayment in the amount of the monthly rent and a safety deposit in the same amount.
  • Before renting, draft a handover report with the flat's owner and write down meter readings.