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According to the assumptions of our founder Ryszard Łazarski, our mission is to create a place that stands out through the practical aspect of educational services offered, an international nature, and work ethos.

The international community of our University maintains the highest ethical standards, openness and respect for all cultures and religions.

We have an individual approach to our students who come to our University to acquire knowledge and learn critical thinking, responsible leadership and civic involvement.

Code of Ethics

The conduct of all members of Lazarski University academic community comprising research and teaching staff, students and administrative employees, must be driven by respect for personal dignity, honour and the good of the University.

  1. Our fundamental obligations include care for individual growth and good reputation of both the whole Lazarski University community and each and every one of its members.
  2. In our pursuit to build a reliable academic community that enjoys prestige in the society, our research and teaching staff, students and administrative employees must strive to ensure the highest academic standards, the maximum degree of openness and transparency in decisions they make, respect for universal values, culture of speech, and mutual respect and kindness.
  3. Senior members of the academic community will help its junior members in their full integration with the University.
  4. While enjoying the freedom of speech, research and thought to the greatest degree possible, the members of the academic community must respect the cultural heritage and tradition of Lazarski University and the rules of coexistence in the academic environment.
  5. Punctuality, diligence in discharging duties, and improving their qualifications are a shared ambition of all members of Lazarski University community.
  6. The academic community considers it its duty to promote the concepts of tolerance, empathy, peaceful resolution of social conflicts, and assisting those in need in the academic environment.
  7. Members of the Łazarski University community reject any and all aspects of violence, racism, discrimination, fanaticism, corruption, and infringing copyright, and will ensure that they do not take place within the walls of our University.
  8. All members of Lazarski University community must ensure the cleanliness and aesthetics of their work and study environment as well as the minimisation of the maintenance costs of its components.
  9. In order to ensure the highest ethical standards, objectivism and lack of bias, members of Lazarski University community will voluntarily refrain from assuming positions, functions, supervision, issuing opinions or participation in disciplinary proceedings whenever it could result in a conflict of interest or whenever they infringe the provisions of this Code of Ethics.
  10. The academic community headed by its authorities will care for its employees, students and graduates and preserve the memory of the deceased Founder of the University.