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The Lazarski University already has 25 years of experience in higher education.


  • Lazarski University opened the major in medicine. It was the first private university in Warsaw and the second one in Poland to start educating doctors.
  • The Faculty of Law and Administration of Lazarski University was awarded the A category in the latest parametric assessment of scientific units. The Commission was particularly appreciative of the Faculty’s development with regard to the “scientific potential” and “scientific achievements” criteria.
  • PhD studies were launched at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Lazarski University in the academic year 2017/2018.


  • The Polish Accreditation Commission awarded a distinction to the major “international relations” at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Lazarski University, at both BA-level and MA-level of general studies.
  • For the eighth time, the Faculty of Law and Administration of Lazarski University won the private universities category in the 10th ranking of faculties of law elaborated by “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.
  • In its decision of 16 March 2016, the Minister of Science and Higher Education granted consent for the Faculty of Medicine of Lazarski University to open practical uniform MA studies with a medical programme.


  • The Lazarski University is ranked the best Polish university in the global Multirank ranking prepared at the request of the  European Commission.
  • The Polish Accreditation Committee awards our Faculty of Law and Administration a distinction, the highest grade possible.
  • Launch of the French Law School and the Comparative Asian Law School.


  • Russian Law School begins cooperation with the St. Petersburg Institute of Law.
  • Launch of the German Law School.


  • The Faculty of Law and Administration joins the European Law Faculty Association (ELFA) and the European Air Law Association (EALA).


  • The beginning of our cooperation with the prestigious Coventry University, resulting in the introduction of validated English language study curricula ending with awarding a dual diploma: a Polish diploma of Lazarski University and a British diploma of Coventry University.
  • The Academic Centre of the Institute of Lazarski University and the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences is established.


  • The Academy is ultimately renamed Lazarski University.
  • The expanded Faculty of Law becomes the Faculty of Law and Administration.
  • The "Economic and Legal Thought" journal is transformed into the "Economic and Political Thought" journal, to this day published by the Faculty of Economics and Management.
  • The Faculty of Law and Administration in cooperation with the International Center for Legal Studies in Salzburg launches the  international LL.M. studies.
  • Establishment of the Łazarski University Foundation with the goal to promote high-quality education. Every year, the Foundation grants scholarships to talented students in financial difficulties as well as takes measures supporting local communities.


  • The Ministry of Science and Higher Education awards the Faculty of Law and Administration and the Faculty of Economics and Management the B academic category.


  • The cooperation with the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse forms the foundation for launching the first-ever second-cycle undergraduate studies in English: Master of Arts in International Relations and American MBA.


  • First issue of the IUS NOVUM, a quarterly journal of the Faculty of Law that is still published today.


  • As the first among private universities, our Faculty of Law is licensed to award doctoral titles.
  • Additionally, the Faculty wins the first place among law faculties of private universities in the ranking of "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna". Ever since, our University has been listed at the very top of all university rankings in Poland.
  • Ongoing cooperation with the z University of Wales results in launching two more first-cycle undergraduate courses in English: Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics and Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and European Studies.


  • Further first-cycle undergraduate studies are launched: Management and Marketing, Finance and Banking, and International Relations.
  • A decision is made to merge the Faculty of International Trade and the Faculty of Global Economics into a single entity (now known as the Faculty of Economics and Management).
  • Launch of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies. From that moment, university graduates can continue their education in their selected professional fields. Today, the Centre's offer comprises over 50 majors in three academies as well as four MBA programmes.


  • Our international cooperation with the University of Wales results in launching the first programme of studies in English: Master of Science in International Bussines Economics.
  • Our offer of first-cycle undergraduate studies is expanded by a new Administration major.
  • First issue of our University's academic journal "Economic and Legal Thought".


  • Launch of the Russian Law School.
  • The expansion of the University's current seat and campus in ul. Świeradowska 43 is finalised.
  • Two spatious teaching buildings, lecture halls with modern teaching aids, Wi-Fi access, computer labs, underground car park, and facilities for people with disabilities are put at the disposal of our students.


  • Death of the founder and first Rector of our University Ryszard Łazarski. Not only did he make a great contribution to the Polish education system but also was a distinguished hero of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944.
  • Named after Ryszard Łazarski, our Academy becomes known as the Ryszard Łazarski Academy of Commerce and Law.


  • The Minister of National Education licenses the Academy to organise second-cycle and long-cycle undergraduate studies in law. A new Faculty of Law is founded.
  • The Academy changes its name to  Academy of Commerce and Law.
  • The Faculty of Economics and Tourism (later renamed to the Faculty of Global Economics) is founded.
  • The first classes are held at the Academy's continuously expanded new seat in ul. Świeradowska 43.


  • The Academy obtains its first license to award the title of Master of Arts in economics.
  • Our first graduates proudly leave their Alma Mater.
  • The construction of a modern campus begins in ul. Świeradowska 43 in Warsaw.


  • Two new faculties are founded: the Faculty of International Trade and the Faculty of Management.
  • The library, Foreign Language Centre, computer lab and seven academic departments are established.


  • Minister of National Education enters the Private Academy of Commerce in the register of private universities under no. 22.
  • The Academy is licensed to offer first-cycle undergraduate studies in economics.
  • The first seat of the Academy is located in ul. Chłodna 9 in Warsaw.