Studies MA Studies
Field of study Master of Arts in International Relations
Main language English
Duration 2 year
Mode stationary

Double degree:

  • Lazarski University
  • Coventry University


The Masters of Arts in International Relations Programme responds to the great opportunities and challenges of internationalisation, globalisation, regionalisation and integration in Europe and the entire contemporary world. These international phenomena determine the lives of nations, individuals and all human communities - politics, religion, human rights, the economy, business, the environment, health, terrorism, war, high and popular culture, science and education are interconnected and interdependent across national borders, continents and oceans. Being truly international nature is the biggest challenge of today and tomorrow, and as such is and will be the greatest professional opportunity for the young ambitious people from all of the world’s regions and civilisations, including the leaders of the future. This unique programme follows both high British standards for master’s degrees as well as Polish requirements relating to master’s degree, leading to a Master’s of Arts in International Relations degree from both Łazarski University and an accredited degree from a British university – Coventry University.

This qualification also leads to high employability in a plethora of fields, whilst obtaining advanced academic and professional knowledge and understanding of the political, civilizational, social, economic and security complexity of Europe and the world.

Skills and Knowledge


  • knowledge about political, legal, economic, military, religious and cultural elements of contemporary regional and global relations, especially in Europe
  • knowledge about the EU foundation, EU legal, economic and social policy, as well as decision making processes and procuring funds in the EU
  • ability to find, evaluate and combine various types of information sources, and in general, to apply research methods
  • ability to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment
  • ability to think critically and creatively in resolving concrete problems
  • leadership skills

Elective courses:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Demography and Economics of Contemporary European Migration
  • Personal Finance in Practice (with Excel)
  • Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Banking and Finance International
  • The Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) Sector
  • Negotiations and Communication Risk Management
  • Tax Policy

Work opportunities

  • international corporations
  • other companies operating in international environment
  • banks and international financial institutions
  • consulting companies
  • advertising and marketing agencies
  • private business

Tuition fees

MA Studies (2-year)

Master of Arts in International Relations Poland, Ukraine & Belarus all other countries
semester semester
Contemporary Politics PLN 6900 1800 euro
European Administration