Studies BA Studies
Field of study BA in International Relations and European Studies
Main language English
Duration 3 years
Mode stationary

Double degree:

  • Lazarski University
  • Coventry University


The Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and European Studies (IRES) is run in conjunction with the Coventry University in Great Britain and leads to an accredited degree from this university. The programme itself is identical for both degrees, with the same number of credits and one BA thesis - there are, however, some differences relating the final average grade, the thesis and the final mark. In an innovative way, the BA in IRES Programme meets the needs and expectations of international students from Europe itself and from other regions and civilisations of the world. You will be provided with deep insight into global and European politics through courses taught by leading multinational group of experienced academics, experts and scholars.

Skills and Knowledge

  • knowledge about political, legal, economic, military, religious and cultural elements of contemporary regional and global relations, especially in Europe
  • knowledge about the EU foundation, EU legal, economic and social policy, as well as decision making processes and procuring funds in the EU
  • ability to find, evaluate and combine various types of information sources, and in general, to apply research methods
  • ability to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment
  • ability to think critically and creatively in resolving concrete problems
  • leadership skills


  • American Civilization
  • American Foreign Policy
  • American Rights and Freedoms
  • Ethnic Cleansing and Displacement in the Modern World
  • Eastern European Politics
  • Europe: Identity, Idea and Practice
  • Russia, Eastern Europe and Soviet Legacy
  • East Asia
  • Human Rights in the Post-Soviet Space
  • Media & Politics
  • Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism

Tuition fees

BA Studies (3-year)

BA in International Relations and European Studies Poland, Ukraine & Belarus all other countries
semester semester
European Studies PLN 6900 1800 euro

Work opportunities

  • foreign service
  • European Union institutions
  • international organizations (e.g. the United Nations, the World Bank)
  • developing EU co-operation
  • international media and press agencies
  • international corporations
  • other companies operating in an international environment
  • governmental organizations