Studies BA Studies
Field of study BA in Business Economics
Main language English
Duration 3 years
Mode stationary

Double degree:

  • Lazarski University
  • Coventry University


The Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics has a practical and multidisciplinary character, and leads to an accredited degree from a renowned British university – Coventry University.

This programme conforms to the British standards of teaching and follows British rules and regulations, and guarantees an open-minded attitude towards current challenges of global economy. You will have the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment, explore different dimensions of integration and globalization, and will be equipped with the most up-to-date research techniques and knowledge of emerging and developed markets of global economy. This unique programme gives you a wide perspective

on various business environments, including their historical, geographical, cultural and political aspects. You will learn how to apply fundamental economic knowledge to solve real-life managerial, financial, ethical, and analytical problems encountered in your professional and personal life. This programme also equips you with practical knowledge and skills to develop a successful career in international business. To gain valuable practical experience directly related to your interests and career plans, you can choose from a comprehensive array of internships offered in public and private institutions or corporations involved in international or European affairs in Poland or abroad.

Skills and Knowledge

  • knowledge about fundamental concepts and theories in economics
  • knowledge about evolution of contemporary economics and its practical use
  • business-oriented application skills in basic mathematics and both quantitative and qualitative research methods
  •  ability to manage projects
  • ability to optimize decision making processes
  • ability to understand the local and global perspective on business
  • knowledge about local and international development paths of a company
  • business ethics
  • ability to communicate and negotiate effectively
  • ability to effectively work in a team

Tuition fees

BA Studies (3-year)

BA in Business Economics Poland, Ukraine & Belarus all other countries
semester semester
Business Economics PLN 6900 1800 euro

Work opportunities

  • international corporations
  • other companies operating in international environment
  • banks and international financial institutions
  • consulting companies
  • advertising and marketing agencies
  • private business