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Dom studencki Modra 92

The Łazarski House is a four-storey villa in a small garden, practically adjoining the Łazarski University campus. The House is located in the very centre of the Mokotów district, close to the Metro Wilanowska public transport hub and a tramway and bus terminus.

Available places include:

  • three single rooms
  • seven double rooms
  • four quadruple rooms.

Common kitchens and a dining room with the necessary equipment have been placed at the disposal of the House residents, with:

  • gas stoves
  • refrigerators
  • washing machines
  • electric kettles
  • irons
  • microwaves
  • basic cutlery and crockery.

There are toilets and bathrooms with showers on every floor. Wi-Fi access is available in all rooms.

GPS (52°10'' 43.43' N 21° 1' 3.24'' E)


Estimated prices

Single room PLN 3,020 / SEMESTER
Double room PLN 2,700 / SEMESTER
Quadruple room PLN 2,020 / SEMESTER
Walk-through quadruple room PLN 2,020 / SEMESTER
Double room in -1 floor PLN 2,250 / SEMESTER
Quadruple room in -1 floor PLN 1,800 / SEMESTER
Utilities (water, electricity, gas, cleaning, Internet) PLN 720 / SEMESTER
Deposit PLN 500
Fee per day PLN 30

Useful information


  • filling out the online form,
  • personal ID/passport,
  • duvet, pillow and a set of bedsheets
  • settling the fee for the semester


Any part of the city is within reach with the following means of public transport:

  • trams: 4, 10, 35 Tram stops: Metro Wilanowska, Niedźwiedzia
  • buses: 108, 139, 165, 189, 192, 193, 218, 317, 331, 365, 401 and night buses: N01, N33, N36, N37, N50, N83. Bus stops: Bełdan, Smoluchowskiego, Metro Wilanowska, Aleja Lotników.
  • Underground: from the Wilanowska station