Lazarski app has been launched

Virtual University on your Smart phone and Tablet – it’s possible! Download Lazarski app, test it, and comment! more

Sign up for the Topic English Course "Travel Broadens the Mind"

We would like to persuade you to take part in the passionate adventure of meeting the world with an interactive participation... more

The Lazarski Christmas Party

Lazarski University would like to cordially invite all our students and employees to the Holiday Get together on December 18th at 12:30 in room 58. Join us! more

Our students participate in the Interstudent competition

Interstudent is a contest for the best foreign student in Poland which is active in the local student community, has good grades, or takes part in interesting research projects. We’re keeping our fingers crossed! more

Slogan advertising contest

We would like to invite our students to take part in the contest for the best advertising slogan promoting language courses of the Foreign Languages Department of Lazaski University. We will be waiting for your creative input until January 6th, 2015. more

Check the Student Internship Exchange International Programme STEP

The programme allows students and graduates from 42 membership countries ELSA to apply for international internships all over the world. Attention. Registration only until December 16th, 2014. more

This is how we celebrated St Andrew's Eve at Lazarski this year

Traditions, customs, divination, special concert - these were some of many attractions of the St Andrew's Eve organised by the Polish Language and Culture Training Center on 26 November 2014. more

The recruitment for the German Law School is still ongoing!

The German Law School is organized by the Law and Administration Faculty of Lazarski University within the partnership of the prestigious Berlin RAUE LLP law firm Rechtsanwälte und Notare. The courses will begin in January, 2015. Sign up today! more

Changed stereotypes - Resume of Colombia Day

Interest in Colombia and motivation to get to know the country better increased outright after the Colombia Day organised by the Foreign Languages Department and Colombian Embassy on 26 November 2014. more

The Graduate Traineeship Abroad the Erasmus+ Programme

If you are currently completing your last semester, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Take part in the recruitment for the Graduate Traineeship Abroad the Erasmus+ Programme! The recruitment is open until December 7th! more

The auditorium was bursting at the seams - US Day news

The US Day on 18 November attracted crowds. W. Chrzanowski Auditorium was full – there was not enough standing room. more

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Our Guests & Lecturers

Thomas Dodd

Former US Ambassador

Jerzy Stępień

Former Head of the Constitutional Tribunal

Anne Corbett, Ph.D.

European Institute,
London School of Economics

Jan Krzysztof Bielecki

Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland

Prof. dr hab. Dariusz Rosati

former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Aleksander Kwaśniewski

Former President of the Republic of Poland

Lech Wałęsa

Former President of the Republic of Poland

Gen prof. Stanisław Koziej

Head of the National Security Bureau

Dr Jarosław Neneman

Former Vice-minister of Finance of the Republic of Poland

Haiyan Hua, Ed.D

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Prof. Elise S. Brezis

Bar-Ilan University,
Paris School of Economics

Prof. Josef Brada

Arizona State University

Prof. Gordon Stanley

University of Oxford

Prof. Alan J. DeYoung

University of Kentucky

Jan Truszczyński

Director-General for Education and Culture, European Commission

Prof. Jerzy Buzek

President of European Parliament


Did you know that you could conduct part of your studies or student apprenticeship on another University within European Union borders? How to apply?

Polish-Qatari Economic Conference

The First Polish-Qatari Economic Forum organised in cooperation with the Qatari Embassy in Warsaw

International Conference on Education

FINANCING HIGHER EDUCATION – In search of effective solutions based on best practices in North America, Europe, and Asia



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